Frankfurt, Germany - Equipment Replacement

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Frankfurt, Germany
Core Network Infrastructure
  • Resolved

    We have successfully migrated traffic back to the operational Frankfurt load balancer. As a result, latency has significantly decreased, and service performance has improved.

    Next Steps:

    • Ongoing Deployment: We will continue to integrate the additional machines into our network as they become available.

    • Monitoring: We will closely monitor the system to ensure stability and address any issues promptly.

    • Resolution: At this point, the primary issue appears to be resolved.

    We appreciate your patience and support throughout this process. We will keep you informed of any further developments as we continue to enhance our network infrastructure.

  • Monitoring

    Current Status:

    We are pleased to report that one of our Frankfurt load balancers is now operational. We are preparing to push traffic back to this load balancer shortly.

    Expected Impact:

    During the transition, we anticipate a brief service interruption lasting only a few seconds. This is necessary to ensure a smooth and efficient switchover.

    We appreciate your understanding and cooperation during this brief interruption as we work to restore optimal service levels.

  • Monitoring

    We regret to inform you that our datacenter has encountered unforeseen issues while deploying the new network connections. As a result, there will be a delay in the migration back to Frankfurt. We will provide updates as we receive them from the datacenter.

  • Monitoring

    Planned Resolution Timeline:

    We are pleased to inform you that all new hardware is expected to be fully built by tomorrow. Following this, we plan to migrate traffic back to our Frankfurt Point of Presence (PoP) on Monday. This migration aims to address and resolve the issue of elevated pings experienced due to the temporary traffic redirection to London.

    Expected Outcomes:

    By migrating traffic back to Frankfurt, we anticipate a return to optimal performance levels and a reduction in latency. The deployment of new hardware is designed to provide enhanced reliability and stability, mitigating the issues previously encountered.

    Next Steps:

    - Sunday: Complete the build and testing of new hardware, Conduct final checks and prepare for migration.

    - Monday: Migrate traffic back to the Frankfurt PoP.

    We will continue to monitor the system closely during and after the migration to ensure a smooth transition and address any unforeseen issues promptly. Thank you for your understanding and patience as we work to improve our service infrastructure.

  • Monitoring

    On the 30th, we encountered a significant issue with one of the network cards in one of our Frankfurt load balancers. This prompted an immediate response to maintain service continuity.

    Initial Response:

    To ensure uninterrupted service, we promptly redirected all traffic to our London Point of Presence (PoP). This allowed us to thoroughly investigate and address the issue without impacting our users.

    Interim Solution:

    After a thorough investigation, we identified potential solutions and applied relevant patches to the Frankfurt load balancer. Confident that the issue was resolved, we redirected traffic back to Frankfurt last night.

    Recurrence and Final Resolution:

    Unfortunately, the issue reoccurred this morning, indicating that the initial fix was insufficient. To prevent further disruptions, we promptly rerouted traffic back to the London PoP. As a long-term solution, we are in the process of deploying new hardware to replace the faulty components in Frankfurt. This new deployment aims to ensure robust and reliable performance moving forward.


    Our primary objective is to maintain high service availability and reliability. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and are committed to resolving this issue swiftly. We will continue to monitor the situation closely and provide updates as necessary. No additional interruptions to service is expected. Please feel free to open a ticket on site to claim compensation.